Pragmatic Brains was honoured to host Dr. Rutger de Graaf


Pragmatic Brains was honoured to host Dr. Rutger de Graaf, lecturer and innovation advisor at the University of Amsterdam. He delivered the latest talk in our ongoing series of private lectures for our team. Dr de Graaf talked to us about Storytelling, and the building blocks of narrative communication strategies. In an entertaining and interactive lecture, he covered the history of communication, relevant scientific results, the levels of messaging, practical advice, and the challenges of learning to play the harmonica. Dr de Graaf first worked as a market researcher, applying scientific methods of media analysis in a commercial environment. After receiving his doctorate, he started experimenting with new ways of teaching, blended learning and MOOCs. This was all evident in the practical guidance and engaging examples that he shared, and the way he dealt with challenging questions about communication from our team.



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