Pragmatic Brains was honored to host Professor Norman Wildberger


Pragmatic Brains was honored to host Professor Norman Wildberger from the University of New South Wales, who presented a lecture on mathematics for software engineers to our team. His lecture covered a number of higher-level concepts, including why euclidean area formulas are not really fundamental, but rather determinant formulas, and why higher dimensional generalizations are key. He then used this to give new insights into formulas for areas of polygons, and in higher dimensions volumes of polytopes. And then Professor Wildberger moved on to explain how Algebraic Calculus starts with this determinantal premise and derives novel areas bounded by curves, rather than functions.Feedback from our team was universally positive, with everyone agreeing that the lecture had been a valuable experience, and Professor Wildberger appreciated the thoughtful questions raised by the participants. We hope to welcome more distinguished guests in the future, as part of our commitment to developing our team and improving the knowledge we provide to our clients.



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